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The location experts

We are specialists in retail locations

Libak Retail offers a range of services in the field of location facilitation for retailers.

Maybe you are opening a new store and need the perfect space at the perfect location? Or looking for the right leaseholder for a vacated space? Or maybe you are closing an outlet and need a good termination agreement with the owner of the property?

Select the best match for your situation below, and explore our offerings.

Leasing or buying a new location

Are you opening a new store somewhere? We have prime locations available all over the country.

Vacating a location prematurely

Are you or one of your leaseholders closing an existing store or moving to a new location?
We can help you find both a new leaseholder and new, more suitable location.

Find the right leaseholder or buyer for your property

We help you find the proper leaseholder for your property – a leaseholder that fits the existing retail mix in the best possible way.
We can also help find a leaseholder for any excess areas you may have in your current property.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why you should choose Libak Retail as your location partner. Here are the top three.

We are specialised in retail

We are not your typical real estate agents. We work with retail and retail alone. Our experience is vast and we are highly specialised. We know both Food/Non-food, Food & Beverage and Leisure inside out and our customers benefit from our deep understanding of the field.

We cover Denmark & Sweden

Our geographic know-how doesn’t stop at the city limit. We have a strong network in the whole country and in the Nordics. Our customers benefit from a truly nation-wide approach.

Your business is our business

We’re all about finding the best possible solutions for your business. We never recommend solutions that we are not 100% confident about, and confidentiality is at the top of our agenda.

Establishing a chain

Is your company considering setting up a chain of shops in Denmark? We offer full support throughout the process from idea to operation via our strong network of specialists in all relevant areas. We have extensive knowledge of the Danish retail market and insights into all industries, both within Food/Non-food, Food & Beverage and Leisure.
We work together with the top players in Denmark and have a large network in Denmark and the Nordic countries

How can we help?

In the initial phase…

  • We find the perfect locations for your stores
  • We help adapt your concept to fit Danish conditions
  • We help adjust the strategy according to the most recent market trends

In the construction phase…

  • We make sure the stores are built in compliance with Danish legislation
  • We can arrange and design the stores
  • We can supply all fittings and fittings solutions
  • We can help with the financing of the whole project

Getting ready to go…

  • We help develop the communication strategy
  • We help prepare all marketing, both online and offline
  • We can recruit employees at all levels
  • We can help build and developing the organisation
  • We can assist with merchandising in the stores, both replenishment of stock and trimming
  • We gather data and customer insight through mystery shopping

About us

Libak Retail was founded by Henrik Libak who is one of the most experienced and knowing retailers in the Nordic Region. Henrik has a background as a general manager in Dansk Supermarked and 28 years of experience in creating results within business development, management and sales. He now uses his vast experience and network to facilitate retail locations for other retailers. Beside Henrik, the company consists of Martin Uebel, Finn Hartung and Andreas Persson. Martin is a retail specialist with a background as Purchasing Manager and Head of Franchise Division in Dansk Supermarked. Martin was responsible for establishing the Starbucks chain (outside Copenhagen airport) and the burger chain Carl’s Junior in Denmark. Finn has with 30 years of experience in commercial real estate at leading players a deep insight in sales and dissemination of commercial property and facilities. Jørn has with a background in Dansk Supermarked and Dagrofa carried out a large number of projects within financial management and business development.

Henrik Libak

Founder / Partner

With a background as a general manager in Dansk Supermarked and 28 years of experience in creating results within e.g. business development, management and sales, Henrik Libak offers relevant sparring on location facilitation and chain establishment as well as retail in general.

Henrik is known for his enthusiasm and impatience, his powerful negotiating skills, his heart for change and his ability to create results through his business acumen.


+45 21 28 50 77

Career Development


Founder / Partner Libak Retail


General Manager, Salling Stormagasiner, reporting to the CEO, Dansk Supermarked.


Chain Store General Manager, Bilka, reporting to the CEO, Dansk Supermarked.


Chain Store General Manager, Føtex, reporting to the CEO, Dansk Supermarked.


Department Store Manager, Salling Aalborg, reporting to the General Manager, Salling.


Sales Executive, Sportsmaster (Sportsmann), reporting to the CEO/owner.


Purchasing Manager, textiles, Føtex, reporting to the General Manager, Føtex.


Regional Manager, Føtex in North Jutland, reporting to the Sales Executive, Føtex.


Store Manager, Føtex, reporting to the Regional Manager, Føtex.


Department Manager, Føtex/Bilka, reporting to the Store Manager, Føtex/Bilka


Management Trainee, Dansk Supermarked

Martin Uebel


Martin Uebel is also a retail specialist in Libak Retail. Martin has a background as Purchasing Manager and Head of Franchise Division in Dansk Supermarked. Moreover, Martin was responsible for establishing, expanding and operating the Starbucks chain in Denmark (outside copenhagen airport) as well as the burger chain Carl’s Junior.

Martin is highly knowledgeable in the fields of sales, purchasing and concept development.


+45 21 15 88 02

Career Development


Partner, Libak Retail


Head of Franchise Division, Dansk Supermarked


Purchasing Manager, Dansk Supermarked


Purchasing Manager, Vestas


Category Manager and Purchasing Manager, EDEKA


Head of shop development in Arla Foods


Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Sales and marketing)


Purchaser in EDEKA (grocer’s wholesaler)


Purchaser in Vital Petfood Group


Retail career - Dansk Supermarked: Trainee,area responsible, operation manager, sales manager

Finn Hartung

Business Partner

Finn Hartung is a specialist in sale, rental and assessing commercial properties and facilities. With 30 years of experience in commercial real estate Finn has been involved in several real estate and rentals and thereby achieved great experience in both tenants and landlords requirements for location, decor and lease terms. Furthermore Finn possess a large and valuable network.


+45 22 94 22 10

Career Development


Business Partner, Libak Retail


Business advisor, Business Manager
Place2Live Erhverv, Home Erhverv, Danbolig Erhverv, Nybolig Erhverv


Sales- and Marketing Manager, Solgrund A/S


Sales consultant, Duni Bilå


Career in shop – Apprentice, Assistant, Shop Manager

Jørn Mathiesen

Business Partner/Project Manager

With a background in Financial Management in Dansk Supermarked and Dagrofa, Jørn Mathiesen has a deep insight into most aspects of retail economy.

Jørn ensures smooth processes and an overview of the daily operations. He is the distinguished practitioner always making new optimizations and ensuring all actions are running efficiently.


+45 21 64 55 26

Career Development


Business Partner/Project Manager at Libak Retail


Accounts Manager, Redoffice Kontorsupermarked A/S


Senior Business Controller, Dagrofa


Coordinator of Financial Management when four Purchase Divisions of Dansk Supermarked were combined upon transition to SAP


Department Manager in Internal Audit, Dansk Supermarked


Group leader in Internal Security, Dansk Supermarked.


Rationalization Consultant, Dansk Supermarked


Bachelor of Commerce, HA


Aarhus: Edelhofvej 6 8462 Harlev J.

Copenhagen: Store Kongensgade 69, 1. tv.

Stockholm: Ada Nilssons Gata 5, 129 56 Hägersten